BATTLE SCAR, the hanging amber-colored imprint, is like a scab, fragile and barren from being peeled off healing flesh. It hangs above and contrasts the SEPTIC WOUND it came from: a gouged, darkened, and dirty floor remnant that's been trampled on and abused. It is meant to capture the rage and anger I feel through the physicality of mark-making and the deployment of self-deprecating text. STAINS, the black and white prints, are self-portraits depicting my ages of intense trauma and the false faces I hid behind over the years. The aim of all this work is to purge the shame I have swallowed throughout my life and give credence to the unburdened.


installation piece

Lino, Ink, cigarettes, beer caps, plastic, paint, dirt

Approximately 4'x41/2'


installation piece

Resin, fibreglass

Approximately 4'x41/2'

STAINS (2016)

28 Q prints

Variable sizes from 8"x10-10"x13"


ROCK ON (2015)

Print- ink on Lino


Framed 16"x20

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