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Winnipeg artist Susan Aydan Abbott creates deeply personal works using photography, sculpture, film, and installations which speak to memory, resilience, trauma, violence, and survival.Holding lived experience with mental illness, homelessness, addiction and abuse, she is a strong vocal advocate for social justice. Likewise, her art practice most often explores themes pertaining to rape culture and violence against women.               Using silicone casts of her body and face, her work links the architecture and landscape with her own personal history as she directly transfers the pain of her experiences against and into her own environment. Abbott has shown in solo, group shows locally and nationally as well as attended residencies in Hamilton Ontario (Center3) and Feminist Art Collective in Toronto, Ontario. Her work was spotlighted on Canada Council website in 2018. She has received numerous grants to complete a body work on an abandoned Mental Asylum (BOOBY HATCH (WO)MANIFESTO: a Feminine Perspective of Century Manor).


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